You may have a few questions about what are the Ishigaki Glutathione side effects and benefits, or even what is glutathione. This FAQ page may help you find your answers.

What are the Ishigaki Glutathione side effects

Pimples or Breakouts

For the first months of use, pimples may occur. To those who experiencing breakouts or pimples after using Ishigaki Glutathione try it for a whole month or more. During the first months of use it will detoxify your skin, this is an initial reaction that’s why breakouts occur. After using it for 2 months or more you may achieve the clearer and whiter skin.


Some may experience tiny itchy rashes in your body. Be careful, if you have allergies. Consult your doctor first before taking Ishigaki Glutathione.


Food supplements may result to a deep yellow colored urine. Your urine may also have the foul ishigaki glutathione smell.

What is Ishigaki Glutathione

ishigaki glutathione side effectsIshigaki Glutathione is a antioxidant/whitening brand that contains Glutathione.

What is Glutathione

Glutathione is a small molecule made up of three amino acids. These exists in almost every cell of the body. Our body has produceed glutathione for centuries without vitamin supplements If not, our species would have been extinct years ago if our body did not have enough glutathione for survival.

Cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine are amino acids involved in the detoxification process of the body. These strengthen the immune system effectively. They are among the top nutrients needed by the body to maintain good health, prevent disease and delay the skin’s ageing process.

How long before I see results

It takes 3 to 12 weeks to see the result. If your body weight is more than average, you need to double the dose. Result may also vary with the kind of skin you have. If you have fair to normal colored skin, you can achieve earlier result that those who have dark colored skin. But don’t worry, there are no known harmful Ishigaki Glutathione side effects. You can refer to item number one.

Is there such a thing as Glutathione overdosage

In taking capsule, none. Glutathione is already present in your body, adding the dosage by taking capsule will result to better health benefits. It is water-soluble, and any excess in your system will be released through urine.

Can Ishigaki Glutathione give me an equal tone on my body

Yes. One of the effects of glutathione, is that it lightens dark areas of the body.

Is Ishigaki Glutathione a Supplement or Drug

It is a Dietary Food Supplement. A food supplement is intended to add nutritional value to supplement the diet. Ishigaki Glutathione, it helps consumers to add glutathione levels in the body to achieve the needed health and beauty.

While taking Ishigaki is it safe to go out in the sun

Its very safe to go out in the sun even if you are taking Ishigaki Glutathione. To protect the glowing skin you have, put sun block with at least SPF50 before exposing to the sun’s harmful rays.

Can Glutathione be taken by teens, children or pregnant women

No. For those under 18 years old, it should be taken with doctor’s prescription. Same with other supplements pregnant and nursing mothers should consult their physician before taking Glutathione. Also Glutathione has cellular protective properties that make it not suitable for chemotherapy patients

How can I spot fake Ishigaki Glutathione products

Ishigaki Glutathione has a foul odor and smells like rotten eggs. Newly manufactured Ishigaki doesn’t have foul smell. But if it stocked for a few months, it will oxidize and foul smell comes out.

Consumers should buy only from an Authorized Ishigaki Dealer or from a trusted seller. You should check the seller’s feedback from previous customers, the seller’s permits and history from their former clients.

Check the image below to find out how to spot fake Ishigaki Glutathione.

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