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We understand that customers have a choice where they buy their products. We are aware that we’re a partner with our customers to provide high quality Ishigaki Glutathione products and services at the cheapest price. We focus on supplying our customers excellence in those services and products with the highest desire to gain total customer satisfaction. We hope to build reliability, trust, and friendships through honesty and integrity to ensure healthy long-term alliances. We also like to hear your comments, suggestions and complaints by filling up the form below. Your Ishigaki Glutathione review will be very helpful to people who are curious as to how these products has helped you experience better skin health.

34 Responses

  1. akrisette

    Fast shipping. I didn’t expect I will received the Ishigaki this fast. This is my 2nd time to order from Ishigakigluta. Super hiyang sakin ang ishigaki 60caps. Thank you!!

  2. nathan_heart

    Omg! I’m so amazed sa products niyo. Nakita ko talaga yung difference in just 2 weeks. I’ll always buy your products. Thanks a lot! ❤

  3. Babylou

    Thank you! the best customer service. – Babylou

  4. Tricia Soliven

    You have an excellent line of affordable Ishigaki Glutathione products. Thank you for the prompt delivery. – Tricia

  5. shayne

    how to intake ishigaki glutha do i need to take vit. c separate?

    • Ishigaki Philippines

      one vitc and one ishigaki after breakfast.
      one vitc and one ishigaki after dinner.

  6. tkr558

    Received my first order here. Took 3 working days delivery to Angeles. Thanks and will give a review of the product after few weeks.

  7. zhaiyee

    Hi, would like to ask lang po, kasi i am using injectable gluta (glutax 2000gs) is it okay for me to take ishigaki at least once a day? thanks po 🙂

  8. Shaina Sulatorio

    So excited for my ishigaki premium cant wait for the day to come! Sana hiyang ??

  9. ninasanmig

    Thank you for the quick delivery and excellent communication. Truly legit and trustworthy.

  10. J T

    Hi Ishigaki,
    Ive just received Amino Classic White (60caps).. is it still advisable to take vitC? since this is amino acid blend + vit C..
    Please advise. Thanks alot!

  11. Sally Ainza

    Thank you for fast transaction and for accomodating all my questions since this is my first time to use your product, excellent customer service…

  12. Yumie DL

    hi normal lang ba talaga na magka pimples on the first month of taking ishigaki premium? napansin ko kasi nagkaron ako ng pimples which is hindi naman ako tigyawatin. nagwoworry lang ako kung common side effects lang to sa first month. ilang araw or weeks bago mawala ang side effects like pimples or breakdown? thanks hope to hear from you.

  13. mariaamor14

    The delivery was even faster than our message exchanges. 🙂 I paid the items on Sunday and I got my package today (Tuesday).

    By the way, I just ordered the Premium Gluta and Vitamin C and it came with a bar of Glutamansi bar soap.

    Thank you very much, Ishigaki! You’re awesome!

  14. ctcdelapena

    The transaction was smooth and delivery is fast. I am residing in a province where I expect the usual 5-7 days delivery period. I order & paid the item Friday and it was delivered on my address Monday.

  15. Jeoffy-Viel Racelis

    Thank you for a very reliable and fast delivery of a quality product.
    Keep it up,Ishigaki!More to come.

  16. Brian

    Been a customer since a few years back, and product-wise, it works for me.

    However delivery service can sometimes delay for days from schedule. If you’re not in hurry, its fine. Then lately, September 2019, they’re fast. I hope it will be consistent.

  17. lyneth.espinosa

    Second time ordering here and I can attest to the authenticity and effectiveness of the product. The item was shipped immediately and got the item in just 3 days.

  18. Jan Michael Bautista

    I ordered the products in the morning and got them on the same day. Thank you for the fast responses and very good service. Will order again.

  19. Marlene trozado

    Yey! yesterday i ordered 3bot. Of Ishigaki Amino premium white. And i got it today. Thank you for fast transaction(COD)and thank for free 1bot. Of Swanson Butchers Broom. God bless.Its my 1st time to take and use glutathione and let us us see what will happen😊

  20. Kent

    How to order po ng maramihan? Meron po ba membership ng ishigaki?

    • Charo

      We don’t have membership po. just buy in bulk and make your own pricing

      • Kris domile

        Thank you Po mabilis po ang deliver ng product at very responsive s order at napakaeffective ng ishigaki ❤❤❤

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